Chief Operations Officer – LaborNowHR

Interview highlights

00:34 - "Family background" 01:20 - "Career in Staffing and overcoming struggles as an immigrant" 06:38 - "Starting her own business - LaborNow" 10:04 - "Staying motivated and not giving up" 12:18 - "Overcoming challenges in her career" 15:04 - "Words of wisdom for women"

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Cynthia Stopani is the COO of LaborNowHR, a staffing company based in California. She is passionate about providing staffing solutions to her clients by providing them with top talents in the industry. Cynthia and her team built an amazing company with a people-centric culture and a phenomenal solution-based approach for their clients as well as a rewarding environment for their people.

Prior to starting her own company, Cynthia worked in sales for staffing companies. After years of tremendous success, Cynthia had the vision to start her own business. This vision gave birth to LaborNowHR. This year, Cynthia and her team are celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary. Working in the staffing industry is one of the greatest and most rewarding pleasures of her career.