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NIURKA is the Visionary, Creator and Leader of Life-Changing, Transformational Events, Courses, Experiences and Adventures.

She’s a Transformational Leader And Master Results Coach who has guided hundreds-of-thousands of people — from all walks of life — to Elevate the way they Think, Speak And Live.

Her work Inspires, Empowers and Guides people to Break Free of obstacles, and create a life of meaning and success… on their terms.

In 2000 she launched her company with the Vision of Inspiring Social Transformation through Inner Evolution.

Prior, she was the legendary, record-breaking #1 Corporate Trainer working side-by-side with Anthony Robbins for 5 years, the world renowned authority on leadership psychology and peak performance.

Niurka’s work Unites the world of Business with Essential Wisdom of Mind-Body-Spirit.

She’s been sought out by, and has developed customized training programs for many of the finest companies in the world — including: Mercedes-Benz, Marriott, Berkshire Hathaway, Network Marketing Pro, Anthony Robbins Companies (just to name a few) — who have produced record-breaking results applying her strategies.

Examples of her many Success Story clients include: Fletcher Jones Motor Cars who became #1 Mercedes-Benz dealer in the world, and the #2 dealer in the USA (out of all makes and models) within 7 months of applying her training; and, Newport Coast Marriott, one of the most successful time shares in the world.

Niurka’s unique blend of linguistics, neuroscience, business mastery, psychology and spirituality, combined with her in-depth understanding of the subconscious mind, creates an integral learning environment that empowers her students to deactivate disempowering mindsets and behaviors, and successfully step into their purpose with power.

A Master Trainer of Evolved NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), a Master Hypnotist, and Master of Hypnotherapy, Niurka’s company is an accredited institute offers global certification in these disciplines: Hypnosis and NLP. Certifications are recognized by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the American Board of NLP.

She is a Master of Time Line Therapy and Pranic Healing.

Niurka has shared the stage with many of the most powerful thought leaders on the planet (see World Class Speaker section below). She is a best-selling author (see Author section below).

This wise, intuitive, multi-cultural & spiritually centered woman will transfer the power of SUPREME INFLUENCE® to Anyone, Anywhere. Get Ready to QUANTUM LEAP Your Business, Relationships and Life!