Former Sacramento County District Attorney

Interview highlights

00:45 - "Family background and personal life" 02:26 - "Starting her career as a lawyer" 04:36 - "Being one of the pioneers in DNA in the criminal justice system" 06:02 - "How she handles the human toll of crime" 07:49 - "Her position on crime and rehabilitation" 10:18 - "Being a prosecutor as a woman" 13:15 - "Resilience and overcoming hard days" 17:34 - "Mentors" 20:24 - "Words of wisdom for women"

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Anne Marie Schubert is a career prosecutor with over 32 years of law enforcement experience. During her tenure as a Sacramento County prosecutor, she dedicated her career to prosecuting some of the area’s most notorious and dangerous criminals, including murderers, rapists, and child molesters. In 2014, Anne Marie was elected as Sacramento District Attorney and sworn in the following year. She recently retired from the position in December 2022.

One of Anne Marie’s passions is the pursuit of justice through DNA evidence and cold case prosecution. In 2002, she established Sacramento’s Cold Case Prosecution Unit and served as its first prosecutor. She also successfully prosecuted California’s first John Doe DNA warrants for two serial rape cases, resulting in convictions. In 2018, Anne Marie led her office’s investigation and prosecution of Joseph DeAngelo, known as the Golden State Killer. Following DeAngelo’s arrest, Anne Marie has been instrumental in assisting and training law enforcement across the United States and beyond on the use of forensic investigative genetic genealogy to solve violent crimes, identify missing persons, and exonerate the innocent.

Today, Anne Marie is nationally recognized for her expertise in forensic DNA and provides consulting on various public safety issues, including DNA, cold cases, and the use of forensic investigative genetic genealogy.